Leviton Zigbee switch & 3-way dummy switch integration

Has anyone been able to get these switches wired and integrated?

The Zigbee model is compatible, and I don't recall any issues with it.
Leviton's Z-Wave device firmware is sketchy in my opinion, and I don't think we've tested that specific model.


I've never been a fan of the leviton stuff. Always felt cheap. I run Lutron Caseta for everything because they're damned tanks. If you do want to go with other though, I would look at Innovelli or Zooz


I bought it as replacement for my old Insteon stuff. I do agree it's a bit cheaper feeling, but was priced right at the time. I want to try the Caseta stuff and REALLY want the Innovelli. The Innovelli can't be bought right now (RED). I do understand they have a new line coming out in July maybe.

I am helping a friend wire up a bunch of 3-way stuff. These 2 (pictured) switches are the companion, smart & dumb, but we cannot seem to get them to work correctly. We are able to get the smart switch to turn lights on/off, but dumb only turns off. I imagine it is something with wiring. I've tried 2 different houses and several different 3-way combos.

The switch (right box) works perfectly by itself and the Zigbee seems to be rock solid. It's when we add the dummy switch things get a bit interesting.

Are you following the instructions for the companion switch? Looks like you need line, neutral, and a traveler back to the main dimmer/control switch.

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We figured it out. The dummy switch needs to be on the line side (from panel) and the smart switch needs to be at the remote location. Simple solution if you actually READ the directions! :laughing:
Thanks for all the help guys!!

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