Leviton vrcs4

Hello, I am trying to build a rule for use with my leviton vrcs4 5 button scene controller.
I have a group that has two lamps with hue bulbs.
I also have a scene that is connected to the group.

I have tried using rule machine to trigger the group and the scene, neither works. I tried using the same rule logic and just inserting wither the scene or the group and the button press does nothing.

The triggr I selected button device, then master switch, which is the vrcs4, it then shows me the 7 buttons(5 buttons and dimmers), i selected button press of button 1 as the trigger.

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Same issue as OP. Thanks

I enabled mulitcast frame parcing in the device preferences and presto!!! I think I am on version 2.2.4, will try with 2.2.5 shortly.

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