Leviton Vizia RF+ instant status

Is this meant to work? I just moved my first device from VeraPlus to Hubitat C7, a Leviton VRMX1 which is one of the older zwave (not plus) RF+ dimmers. Instant status does work with these on the vera, and from what I read it sounds like it should work here too, but I am not seeing that. I've tried a few different drivers...

Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer (what Hubitat sets by default)
Generic Z-Wave dimmer (what the compatibility page suggests - but that page is wrong in saying this is a plug-in dimmer)
Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer
Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (user driver from jasonxh)

Debug logging does show the dimmer sending a "hail" after any change at the physical switch but hubitat doesn't appear to do anything with it (at least I don't see any changes).

Here's a debug line (when using the Leviton Decora driver above) showing the hail from changing the dim level locally at the dimmer:
2020-07-30 11:13:34.043 pm debugParsed Hail() to [name:hail, value:hail, descriptionText:Switch button was pressed, displayed:false]

I don't see anything in the driver code to get a status update after receiving a hail (not that I really understand any of this yet!) - is that meant to be handled internally by hubitat somewhere else, or should it be part of the driver?

So with the "Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmer" driver, I hacked it as follows to fetch status after receiving a hail.

private zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.hailv1.Hail cmd) {
log.debug "got a hail"

I'm not convinced this is the right approach but it's what i got from an hour or so messing around. Is there a better way, or ideally a driver for these Leviton devices which works out-of-the-box?

@gta & @mike.maxwell

I have the same Levition VRMX1-1LZ Dimer and also have VRS15-1LZ switches. Coming from a Vera controller the instant status hail feature of Levition vizia RF + devices always instantly updated the Vera controller when physically turning switches on or off.

Now that I switched to Hubitat C7 recently on the latest firmware the switches do not report their status to the Hubitat controller. I found that by using the built in "Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer" in hubitat for the VRMX1-1LZ dimmer I can physically press the button on the switch and it instantly updates the hubitat controller with its status.

My problem is that I need a way for the instant status hail feature of the the VRS15-1LZ Switches to also refresh the status on the controller instantly. I have used the Zwave Poller app and while this works to update the status on the controller, it is really annoying waiting 10 seconds for the status to update especially for switches I have scenes attached to. Not to mention the strain the constant polling puts on the controller.

Really don't want to update 10 switches I have scenes tied to Zwave plus devices just to get this feature back.

Curious if you have any VRS15-1LZ Switches and found a solution to this by chance.

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I didn't realize that the built-in "Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer" driver would support the instant status of the VRMX1 dimmer. i have quite a few VRMX1s and also several of the older VRI06-1LZ. I'll need to check this out when I get a chance - as I wrote above, I had been using another driver for which the source was available and I could modify.

I do have a few VRS15 switches but have not got instant status working on them, as I couldn't find a switch driver with source available (and, ok, wasn't motivated enough to start from scratch!). It must be a fairly simple code change though to process the hail - would that be possible to add in an update @mike.maxwell?

Have you tried the generic zwave switch driver?

That is the driver I have set for my VRS15 switches, but I don't get instant status. If I set debug for the switch I can see that it does send a "hail", similar to the same-vintage Leviton dimmers such as VRI06. I assume that is what triggers instant status in the DZ6HD dimmer driver is using, though I might be wrong?

I could never get instant status to work with the VRI06/VRMX1 and the Generic Zwave dimmer (or Generic zwave CentralScene dimmer) drivers. I never tried the DZ6HD driver until seeing this post, but now I that try it, I see that it works perfectly.

It seems like these Leviton switches might need a more customized driver to have this feature work.

Here's a snippet of the debug log from one of these switches...

2020-11-04 10:26:12.595 pm [debug] skip: Hail()
2020-11-04 10:26:12.592 pm [debug] parse description: zw device: 25, command: 8201, payload: , isMulticast: false
2020-11-04 10:26:07.614 pm [debug] skip: Hail()
2020-11-04 10:26:07.611 pm [debug] parse description: zw device: 25, command: 8201, payload: , isMulticast: false
2020-11-04 10:25:45.427 pm [debug] skip: Hail()
2020-11-04 10:25:45.423 pm [debug] parse description: zw device: 25, command: 8201, payload: , isMulticast: false

Maybe I'm wrong on that. I tried the "Generic zwave smart switch" driver, and had ... partial success.

I have two switches which i believe are Vizia RF VRS15-1LZ. One of them does give instant status with this driver, and the other doesn't. Also have two considerably more ancient Monster-branded Leviton switches which also don't give status (perhaps less surprising even if they did so with vera).

Of the first two switches - they do show up with different deviceType codes (769 and 7170), though they have the same deviceId and manufacturer codes. When i get a chance I can remove the faceplate to see if a label reveals any difference...

OK, the one which does work with instant status is VRS15 (Vizia RF+), while the one which doesn't is DZS15 (Decora). I forgot that Leviton made these Decora zwave switches, later than the Vizia RF series, which didn't do the instant status. They do look identical until you get down to the device label...

Maybe this helps you @tdrath? Have you tried that "Generic zwave smart switch" driver?

GTA, Could you share your solution or code for you VRI06 dimmers? I’ve been struggling to get status to update on this dimmer for quite a while…


Certainly, I've just been using the "Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer" driver for them, instead of whichever driver Hubitat selected itself. With this I get instant status very reliably for both the VRI06 and VRMX1 dimmers.

Thank you a ton. That seems to have worked like a charm!

It would be nice if the device fingerprinting was able to select this driver automatically at inclusion time. Perhaps they don't want to do that since some of the other features exposed in the driver don't work with these older devices (not really remembering what these might be without it in front of me!).

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Thanks! I found that using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer and Generic Z-Wave Smart Switches work for all my Leviton Vizia RF+ dimmers and switches.

I have a few Leviton Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Dimmers and Switches too that wouldn't do status updates on C7 that now do them using these drivers, respectively.

I take it back. The Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver works for the Vizia RF+ switches, but the Smart Dimmer version does not work 100% on the Vizia RF+ dimmers.

The Smart Dimmer driver would do the instant update, but it would not toggle properly in the when using apps.

I had to change them all to use the Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer driver and then the toggle worked again. Specifically, the toggle using a Lutron Pico with the Button Controller app.

Weird, all this used to work with the C5 but since migrating to the C7, I've had to do all these optimizations.