Leviton switches

I have 2 levington light switches that I did get paired with the hubitat and work fine, but my problem is that if I manually turn the switches on and off themselves, the indicators on the hubitat dashboard does not ever change. Anyone else have this problem and how to fix it?

Welcome to the forum. I assume you mean Leviton switch?
Chances are they are zwave but not zwave plus. A model # and/or a link to the product page or datasheet would be ideal. Are the devices recently purchased or are they older?

If they are non-plus then:

There is a built in all called z-wave poller which is intended to poll non-plus devices. Originally I had a couple non-plus switches and tried this app. You can not adjust the frequency and I found it slowed my system. Your mileage may vary.

Alternatively you can set up an RM and scheduled a refresh of the device at your desired interval.

I ended up replacing mine with zwave plus devices.

I believe some user may have also been able to update the firmware on their Leviton Z-Wave switches to improve physical status updates.


Correct. Leviton is one of the few z-wave switch manufacturers who paid the instant status patent premium to Lutron. There are definitely firmware updates available for Leviton z-wave switches that improve reporting of physical status updates.


Which model did you install?

I just installed a bunch of Leviton dz15s-2rw switches, which are all labeled Z-Wave plus. They are using the generic Z-Wave driver. I haven't tried adding them to a dashboard yet to see if I have the same problem. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

That's the wrong driver for a z-wave plus switch. You should use the "Generic Z-wave Smart Switch" driver. Be sure to hit the configure button after changing drivers.


I have one Leviton DZ15S that had reporting issues. I don’t know what suffix is in it but it was purchased about 18 months ago.

Leviton support told me at that time that they do not support OTA updates and sent me a new switch.

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