Leviton smart dimmer (DZ6HD): easiest way to check/update its firmware?

Hi - I have a Leviton DZ6HD smart dimmer and had some issues integrating with Amazon Alexa/Echo, as well as incorrect device status info displaying in HE's web GUI. I found some posts in Lounge that suggested changing the device type from Generic SMART Z-Wave Dimmer to Generic Z-Wave Dimmer might help. While this helped a lot, other posts indicated a firmware update for this device might help too. As a HE newbie, that left me wondering if HE hub can directly handle updating the device's firmware? Some posts talked about using a 3rd party approach (HomeSeer) - which is going to be over most people's abilities IMO. Others seemed to indicate they did it using the HE hub's memory stick - though the steps/details are vague. So can you tell me the easiest way to check, and if necessary update, this Leviton dimmer's firmware?

Besides info on updating this particular device's firmware, can you explain how/if HE can assist in checking/updating device firmware in general?