Leviton RC-1000WHZB and RC-2000WHZB Zigbee thermostats

I have a number of Leviton RC-1000WHZB and RC-2000WHZB Zigbee thermostats.

Before moving to Hubitat, I used to control these thermostats with SmartThings using the generic SmartThings Zigbee thermostat device type. When I moved these thermostats over to my Hubitat c7 using the generic Zigbee thermostat device type, the Hubitat can see the room temperature, but cannot set the set points, the heat / cooling or the fan mode.

Are there other Hubitat Generic Zigbee thermostat drivers I might try?

Would it be a major effort to port the SmartThings Generic Zigbee thermostat driver over to Hubitat?

Thank you.

I am looking to implement a couple of RC-2000WHZB units in my house. Had anyone figured out if they work with Hubitat?

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