Leviton DZ6HD Load type question

Wondering if anyone has any insights:
I have a Levitron DZ6HD dimmer connected to a TRIAC phase-cut dimmable LED Driver.
The Driver, in turn, is connected to LED loads. I'm having trouble getting the dimming down below 7%. I've set the proper parameter for the dimmer to load type LED, but now I'm wondering if setting it to incandescent wouldn't be more accurate?? The load the dimmer sees after-all is the transformer, not the LED load directly. (I'm unclear what the load setting does in the switch logic, may be totally unrelated as I've not used this particular driver manufactuer before in combo with this dimmer.)

I've tried a a few combinations of settings, but can't seem to get the LED's on below 7%. From there it's dark.

I've set min/max/load_type/PresetDimLevel so everything falls within range.

Can you expand on the "TRIAC phase-cut dimmable LED Driver" I've not seen such a device. Also I've not seen an LED light with a transformer. I imagine some landscape lights might have transformers, but not incandescent replacement LEDs.

I think to get an LED light below 7% is a challenge. Actually 7% is uncommonly low. The only time I've seen LEDs go that low is with an industrial LED dimmer with PWM control inputs.

Yup, that's basically what it is. TRIAC is the normal mains dimming you see all over in standard (modern) dimming. I use 24v strip LEDs often and can get 1-2% when paired with 0-10v, or PWM signal while using meanwell HCL series( by memory, might be the wrong series) (constant voltage) drivers. In this case the mains power is dimmed and then powers the driver,... which puts out the associated 24v CV power with PWM dimming. How it does that I'm not sure... the process uses ground unicorn horn I think.

OK to answer your question, I still think you are doing good at 7%. The only way I know of going below that is to control the LED driver with PWM or 0 - 10V.

Most (maybe all) LED compatible dimmers are not Triac anymore. They are MOSFET switches.

The problem is that the Triac dims by delaying turn on. This makes it difficult of the down stream circuit/controller to work because there is no power for the first part of the cycle.
MOSFET's cut off the end of the cycle so the circuit is already working when the power goes off.

At 7% there is barely enough power to operate the circuit so control of the LED at that point is at the ragged edge of the controller/LED capability.


Good info, appreciated...really.
however, my question was about the impact of selecting load type LED vs incandescent, etc for the dimmer. If I understand what that definition's effect is on function I sleep better!

I'm not 100% sure on you device. I believe it has to do with how fast the current increases with each 60 Hz cycle.

An incandescent load is simple (or maybe we've just been dealing with it for so long). The current rises with the voltage.
The input of an LED driver circuit is more complex with the current rising faster than the voltage.

Having the dimmer know which load they are driving helps them fine tune the drive for best performance. In either case this is a "fine tune" choosing the wrong one will not damage anything but may cause less than optimal performance.