Leviton DZ15S wall switch

I have two Leviton DZ15S Z-Wave wall switches. They paired fine to my Hubitat hub, and follow the schedule. But in the iOS app, they always show on, and when I try to activate them through the app, it shows "Sending" forever, until I select the green check mark (refresh?) and then it switches back to "on". Sometimes they will turn on or off via the app, sometimes not. I updated the hub to the latest update today, but no difference. Any ideas?

I had one of these and it was not responding to the after changing state.

Contacted their support and they said it was old FW and sent me a new switch. Now it responds back to the hub a dozen times.

But it still was not repeating the response of a Zooz farther out on my mesh.

Replaced it with another Zooz and my problems are resolved.


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