Leviton DZ15s switches - issues communicating and adding

Hi guys, I have had 2 switches stop communicating in the last week or so. They are the Leviton DZ15S in wall models. Previously they worked great without any issue.

I have been able to exclude them via the interface and holding the up + 1 tap per instructions. log files show they have been excluded. However, when I try to add them back in, they are found but never "initialized".

I can run the exclude again and I see:
2020-10-22 15:21:06.912 infoUnknown Z-Wave device excluded.

I tried zwave repair after the exclusion and adding them again - same result.

There is a repeater next to 1 one them and a Schlage lock that works, so the mesh should be OK.

Any ideas?

First, I would recommend a factory reset. Press and hold the top paddle until the led flashes amber and red (about 15 seconds), then release. If you hold too long (25 seconds or so) and the led goes out, you'll have to start again. You'll know you done it correctly if the load turns off.

Open Z-Wave device discovery on the Hubitat. Then for inclusion, Press the top paddle until the led blinks amber (about 8 seconds), then press the top paddle once. Once the LED goes into rapid flashing (about 1 second) then, and only then, press Start Z-Wave Inclusion. Be patient, and wait for it to complete. Take no action until it either succeeds or the hub stops discovery mode.

If it doesn't successfully include, check the Z-Wave Details to see if the node was partially included. If it was, you'll need to exclude it before trying again. Alternatively, you can try to complete inclusion by putting the device in inclusion mode again (no factory reset), and using the "Discover" button that shows on the line of the partially included device.

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I've one that installs, works for 10 minutes or so then disappears. I've cycled three times exact same result Believe I've a defective switch. Need to warranty it.

Joe Baldwin

Sounds like it. Only other thing might be to pull power, but I would just replace it.

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