Leviton D215S Matter Switch Fingerprint

I just installed several matter enabled Leviton D215S switches at a remote location. I'm not a WiFi device guy, but this location is unique and I have been impressed by them and their wireless three and four way options through the DAWSC add on...

Anyway, the devices are not recognized upon initial setup. Once I switched to the built-in Generic Matter Switch, all was good.

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Can you guys add in the device fingerprint so the hub will automatically recognize this device?

fingerprint endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0003,0004,0006,0008,001D", outClusters:"", model:"D215S", manufacturer:"Leviton", controllerType:"MAT"

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It is interesting that this device also exposes the LevelControl cluster...
Have you tried to manually assign the HE inbuilt "Generic Matter Dimmer" driver?
Is the Levitron app mentioning anything about level control?



Interesting you mention that. These are switches only, but Leviton has a dimmer version. Physically, that dimmer has a slider next to the switch.

I wonder if they just applied the same firmware to both.

When I used Alexa to provision them as Matter devices, Alexa found them as dimmers... I thought that was weird.

So I haven't tried making them dimmers in HE... When I get a chance, I'll try... :slight_smile:

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done, thanks!