Level lock

You guys see this yet? Looks interesting not sure how it communicates yet though.

They are Bluetooth and at the moment only iOS and Homekit.

Interesting. Must be Bluetooth. Probably planning a bridge that also isn’t available yet. Keypad on the door is way too convenient. After trying two different Bluetooth locks in our front door that required with a phone or a key to get in, I’ll personally never go with a lock that doesn’t have a built-in keypad again.

Didn't even know you could actually buy it yet.

Awesome! Might have to try that one.

Anyone try this yet?

@JustinL I have. I love the lock but at this point, it is only directly through Bluetooth and Homekit. There are both iOS and Android Apps but being Bluetooth, it can't be directly integrated into HE. There are likely other things coming from the company but nothing yet.

So, are you using it only with Homekit natively? Or are you running HomeBridge and controlling via virtual switches, etc.? Wonder if the HomeBridge option would effectively allow me to auto lock when HE runs a goodnight routine. Or maybe i just should be patient and wait for HE support

Being a mixed platform home, I don't use/want Homekit. I am only using the iOS and Android apps. Homekit and homebridge are probably doable. For me the lock isn't in a critical location and it isn't part of my locking routines. If there become bridge devices from Level, I would need to evaluate how those connect. If it is a WiFi to cloud solution, I will continue to use the Level locks I have for non entry doors. If there was a local solution and I was able to integrate with HE, I wouldn't hesitate to use them in more critical locations.
The saddest part of these locks is that once installed, you don't see them again. When you hold them in your hand, they just feel marvelous. They appear to be very well engineered and manufactured.

Saddest cause they are so beautiful but best because you don't have some big ugly round monstrousity hanging off your door cough august smart lock. I installed a couple and working great so far. Using them with my ipad serving as a homekit hub to open when I arrive, lock when I leave and lock at night. Unfortunately no hubitat integration yet.

Since these are Bluetooth, there will never be a direct integration with HE unless somewhere down the line they add BLE to a future hub. Level could build a gateway device but nothing at the moment.

I would be fine with them only working with homekit if homekit would just geolocate my phone. Can't figure out what the issue is I have tried all the settings everywhere says to check with no luck :-1: