Let's talk UPS (power supplies...NOT brown Santa)

I have so many questions! I feel like this is one of those areas that has a whole much of vague, confusing, or just flat out wrong info out there.

First off, do I even need one if we have had literally one power outage in the 6 years we have lived in the we are in?

Am I correct in understanding that they also offer surge protection and votltage stability? I've noticed (through the magic of HE and energy monitors :wink:) that our mains voltage fluctuates a fair amount. I know this is not ideal for electronics.

Last thing, can any of them be installed remotely? Meaning, installed in a nearby closet etc and some kind of wiring ran to the devices?

Surge protection almost always. Voltage protection against a low voltage brown out, yes. Line conditioning? Depends on the model. I'd guess it's more common in higher end units.

As for your second question... yes I am sure they make such a thing, but probably not something you pick up at staples. Unfortunately simply plugging in an extension cord to the back of the UPS is something the UPS manufacturers don't generally recommend you do.

I have one of these and it works extremely well. I suspect that if you have a long enough USB cable, you could put it in a nearby closet, but it is so small that it easily fits right under the hub.

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That's what I figured.

I'm sure you are correct, however are they just covering their butt? Its not obvious why an extension cord from a UPS to a device is all that bad.

Another option for Hubitat is to extend the low voltage side of the adapter.

If you mean voltage regulation then most UPS's should do this (I know Cyberpower does even on cheaper models).

@JohnRob using an extension cord from a UPS is not recommended because it's against electrical code as a permanent connection. Extension cords vary in quality and wire gauge and are one of the most abused items in a house. They are wrapped up six ways to sunday 90% of the time. And as the copper in the cord gets stressed over time by use, you can create a fire hazard by the cord basically becoming a resistance heater.
Now, if you have a 10 gauge extension cord that's in good condition and the proper length, i.e not a 50' cord for a 10' run, you can do so without much issue. However UPS manufacturers wont go through those lengths to explain that to suzy/joe home maker. So in part you are correct, they are covering their butt


Yes... likely so. But then so am I :slight_smile: