Let's talk 3D printers!

I print it at 260c / 115c on my Open frame printer - ABS I print at 245c / 110c.

It just depends on your firmware - just go into the screen on your printer and manually turn up the nozzle temp as far as it will go - that'll be your FW limit.

PS, I'm assuming you are running Marlin?

Yeah, Marlin. I ran a field test on my current printer by manually setting it to 260c while printing. It climbed to 260 right away.

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Nice, 260c is more than good enough. :+1:

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My little print farm may expand to 4 printers tomorrow if the Fbook deal goes as expected. 2 nearly new Anker printers for less than the price of one.

Everyone is upset because Anker pulled the plug (and refunded) on their multicolor feeder and also have a poor quality slicer and app. They're dumping them for Bambu. I've printed well over 1000 functional prints (tools, mounts, holders) using Cura and could care less.


Nice! Was that the 4 in one print head thing?

Btw, please ditch Cura for a real slicer, Orca slicer is light years better for the majority of scenarios.

AnkerMake V6 Color Engine


I tried it, there was a problem with my printers --Anker seems to be trying to force everyone to their newest slicer. I'm waiting for a jailbreak. For the type & volume of models I'm doing Cura (with 'Experimental' Bridge Settings enabled) it is working fine.

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in the end, it's all about speed.

I like having hot spares. Besides, in 7+ decades, I have never been accused of having patience. ,

4 printers running now. All petg at 200-250mm/s. All local-only despite the company's attempts to herd users online and gather user data. All for the price of a Prusa MK4 on Amazon.

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So i just wanted to take a look at this again, but not sure where is a good place to start. What is a good first time 3d Printer now in 2024.

I remember seeing the Sovol SV05 which doesn't seem to be avaliable but the SV06 is available.

I also remember some references to the AnkerMake M5, though that is a bit more then then Sovol

On amazon i see a bunch of Creality Ender 3 variations, and in one search the top rated printer was a ELEGOO Neptune.

So i guess my question is what are the important things to look for when deciding on what to get and what would be the general consensus as to what would be the best starter printer 2024. Not trying to go crazy with the cost, but what something that will be reasonablely useable.

One thing to consider...do you want an open HW or SW platform? I was able to use my Sovol as shipped w/its built-in FW/controll panel, via OctoPrint w/Marlin cusomizations, and finally using Klipper w/the UI running on an Android tablet connected to the printer. My SVO5 also used common/generic parts so HW customizations can be easier. Finally I can use any slicer I want with it, some vendors try to lock you into a proprietary slicer.

If they do a really good job of everything (e.g., like Bambu Labs), then maybe you don't care too much that it's more of a closed system.

Preferably since this is my first jump into 3d printing i really want something that will work fairly easy out of the box. I would prefer to not have to jump through hoops to use it at it's best. That said i totally appreciate the value of open systems that don't lock you into a set tool as well. The key is i really don't know how far i will take this. It is clear some of you have gotten allot of use and done a ton of customizations to your setup, for me i initially just need it to work reliably so i spend my time troubleshooting my print, and not the tech to do the print.

Key things being equal (e.g., price, ease of use, reliability) I think you're always better off getting the more "open" option even if you're not sure how far you want to take it. Folks here will try to suck you into the modification game. :wink:

You didn't mention your price range yet, that will obviously affect your options. :slight_smile:

Minimum SV06, or for more toys get the SV07 from Amazon, after that jump straight up to the Bambu. But I'm no expert... :smiley: :man_shrugging:

Edit: fixed link

Lets just say I haven't really settled on it yet. Generally speaking as affordable as possible. but don't wan't junk.

Right now I am have the Sovol S6 plus in my Amazon Cart.

@Ranchitat Why would i do the SV07 over the SV06? lol

Well... you get more toys!
Some of the common upgrades are already installed, but mostly it prints faster.
One thing you'll find with these, pretty much everything you print takes too long... :wink:

I am going into expecting everything to take a while to print. so i kind of expect that. I am sure if i use it enough i will want to fix that, but that could be a ways off..

Print speed becomes more of an issue, the more you want to use it. I went in thinking I'd be fine waiting, but then realized it was somewhat annoying waiting and I wanted more speed...hence a lot of my customizations...If I was re-purchasing I'd spend more for more "built-in" speed up front. What that acceptable "more" equates to is a highly personal issue, of course. :slight_smile:


Unless you need/want the larger size, the SVO7 is 33% off now.

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Sometimes that one bump p is allot more then you realize. I am starting to think that after i dig into it more. Leaning more to the SV07

Have either of you found that you prefer or wish you got the larger size model to do larger prints. The SV07 currently is a bit cheaper then the S06 Plus i have in the cart. The SV07 plus is cheaper on their site instead of amazon though.

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It may just be FOMO but i am not sure how usefull that extra 80mm is.

Like most things, I think it comes down to budget and expectations and personal preferences.

I've seen pictures of prints that people were absolutely OK with that looked like a step above a slightly melted pile of plastic to me. I've seen prints that looked fantastic but were a result of the person spending 10s of hours dialing in their printer and print settings to specific filament.

So, I'll just weigh-in to say that I was in the boat of wanting to get my first printer but I 100% did not want another hobby with modifying/maintaining the thing. I landed on the Bambu X1C and have since bought a second one. There's unavoidable maintenance with any of them (lubricating parts/replacing consumables) but I haven't had to do anything else. I've chosen to add a few accessories and the only real "modification" I've made to either was adding a chamber light (3D printed riser with tape LED lights). I predominantly use Bambu's filament but mostly because of getting a steep discount with their "member" program (~$17/roll) that you get 6 months of when you buy a printer.