Let's talk 3D printers!

Those sound like some pretty monstrous linear motors! I worked with a similar style, where the stator (motor portion where the electronics were hooked up) had a hole through the center and a rod filled with magnets passed through it. The magnet rod was only about 1 inch in diameter, but still happened to suck up Allen wrenches within about 6-8 inches. Pretty sure my lead builder was cursing me out trying to install the guarding because he was fighting the tools and the screws the entire time :joy:

Would be super cool to see an IDEX style machine with 2 separate heads. Both mounted to the same Y axis, but capable of moving along X independently. My Flashforge Creator Pro 2 was setup this way, and it was really neat. Though main holdback is if you wanted to use both heads to print 2 things at the same time, they had to be identical. Still not bad if you are just mass producing something, as 2 heads is faster than one. Did make for a pretty decent dual color / dual filament machine for the time, though the build volume and print quality were severely lacking

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I’m no expert, but these do appear to be U channel lines motors with a protective spring steel cover.

Michael did a couple of great videos on the Magneto X



lol :man_facepalming:

Howdy all, if any of you Voron StealthBurner users want to use a physical bed probe, and don’t want to use tap for whatever reason, I’ve just released a mount for the Biqu / BTT MicroProbe.


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What is the advantage of the biqu-btt-microprobe over a different proble like the BL-Touch?

The functionality is identical, but the Microprobe is half the size. I think it’s more solidly built and the metal pin is more durable.

I kept breaking BLTouch mounts when working on my printer and I have even broken one during a print fail. The internally mounted micro probe is a lot more durable and better protected.

Announcing OctoEverywhere For Bambu Lab 3D Printers : BambuLab


Cool project.

Just note that to use ALL features it is NOT free, like the author insinuates in the original post on that thread - it is subscription based.

I'm not against paying for things that have value, so I'm not really complaining about that. However, I do think the author should be A LOT more up front that features are locked behind a paywall instead of saying the solution is "free and unlimited" as that simply is not true.


I'm thinking of picking up an A1 to play with. One of my concerns with any printer is whether it is capable of functioning reasonably well while fully offline. Though it does have a LAN mode, it appears that the A1 does not work with Octoprint and an sd card-based sneakernet is going to be a PITA. OctoEV was mentioned as alternative.

I may be wrong about any or all of this as I'm just now scanning /r regarding A1s.

AFAIK in LAN mode you can still send print jobs over the network, you are not obligated to use the SD card.

If you require also using Octoprint, I have no idea.

I am new to 3d printing but have been very very pleased with the out-of-the-box Bambu experience, with no need yet to add anything from 3rd parties. YMMV.

I don't need Octoprint or derivatives but it and Klipper are relatively common topics in 3DP, hence the above post. I would use it or other setups IF I can avoid using vendor clouds.

LAN-mode sounds like just what I want.

I have a Sovol SV07plus which is klipper based. The out of the box experience has been pretty good so far for learning. The only draw back i see with it is single color. I am also far from a expert with it, but that printer has worked really well.

The big advantage Bambo has right now is the multicolor. It doesnt seem to be very common place yet for moat other makers.

The Sovol can be loaded via USB, or across the network via wifi. No cloud is involved as it just recieves the print data via your home network directlyfrom your pc.

I've ordered the A1. It has a 256mm bed versus my M5's 235s. From the pix it appears that the extruder comes set up for 4 filament feeds. I could have added their color module AMS Lite for $150 but I think I'd rarely use it since 99% of my prints are functional prints (tools, mounts, adapters, etc). Speed is 500max like my Ankers but 200 seems to be the sweet spot, again like my Ankers.

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I find the biggest benefit for the AMS lite is easy switching of filament for single color prints. I tend to leave black, white and grey pla loaded at all times and swap a 4th color as needed.


Huge benefit here, and probably my most common use case for the AMS as well. Also, another nice use case is for end of spool runout. You can load 2 identical material / color spools, and it will auto switch from one to the other when it runs out of the first spool. No more playing the game of trying to have a little left over, or having it pause and wait for you to manually swap to a new spool. It just pauses, reloads, and starts again without any user intervention.


Yeah, and I almost pulled the $150 trigger because of that. But I figure I'll eventually migrate over to 2 or 3 Bambu machines and there will be more opportunities to decide which AMS to buy.

Besides, having a multicolor 3dp in a home farm is a threat to my functional print lifestyle. As it is now I can parry most (but not all) of the decor item requests with "Gray is loaded on all my machine, will that work?"

As soon as I saw how much waste there is for multicolor prints I lost all interest. I do not need to print a $20 Mario that looks worse than a $20 Mario that I can buy.

I DO love the AMS Lite for automagically swapping in a new roll, AND for printing support interface material.

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The waste does suck, but I found I rarely print multicolor items. I'm guessing less than 10-20% of the prints I have done were more than 1 color.

Though, I have found it nice for printing signs or lightboxes, where the first 1mm or so is multicolor and the rest is just a single color. Doesn't tend to have too much waste, and the end result is really nice.

Actually printed a dog paw shaped light box using white and black filament and put RGB lights in it. The different colors remind us if the dog needs to go outside, food, water, etc... It's a super nice reminder when we go downstairs to just see the light out of the corner of our eye and know the dog needs something. Also nice knowing right away that he has already been fed so we don't accidentally double feed him, since he always acts like he's never been fed :joy: