Let us lower our heads for the death of SmartThings Classic

Today Samsung shuts down the classic version of their home automation applications. What started as a great idea with lots of opportunities is now being laid to rest:


:joy: :joy:


So sad I'm crying over it..NOT! :rofl:

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They couldn't even shutdown probably. It's still working for me. Cloud delay? :crazy_face:


Just received this email.

Was an early backer on their Kickstarter campaign, hand delivered their V1 kit by the founding team & only ever used their V1 hub & classic app. Fun while it lasted until it wasn’t fun anymore. Disappointed many over time to the extent that a few here would eventually start Hubitat. Been happier ever since ... just not as happy as the payday the ST founders got from selling to Samsung :wink:


Started sucking when Samsung took over at least for me anyway.

I thought it was great at least at first - more resources available, no chance of the company going under - thought it validated the HA system. Community was great with all the devs cranking out awesome stuff (there were some grumblings even back then if I recall). Had gotten into WebCoRE in a big way. Was looking forward to the promised "local processing" features etc etc.. I was in retrospect very naive. sigh... :beer:

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My phone refuses the new app so I moved to Hubitat, as it was cheaper than a new phone, in hindsight if I had replaced my phone nowt would have worked anyway and would still have to buy a Hubitat

Well, without smartthings I wouldn't be here now (er, not alive, just with hubitat).

More specifically, if samsung hadn't completely systematically shagged the entire system sometime in July, I wouldn't have bought a hubitat. This stuff is amazing. Wish I'd jumped a long time ago.

What a Douche company. The new and improved version FORCES you to give out a cellphone number for verification. F that, and F them. New Hubistat is being configured as I type.

I subscribe to Samsungs notification system. In the last few days I received a text that this or that was down and they were working on it at least twice. When this or that is down, it is in their cloud and nothing can be done locally to solve it. Not a good thing.

Yes there has been a couple of back to back outages again on SmartThings. As I say on social media:

"I use Hubitat because when the internet goes dark, my lights still turn on"

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