Lessons learned - what would you do differently if you were to start from scratch?

That's kind of neat. Although my simple 1 RM rule solution works just fine, so I'll likely just stick with that. Of course my solution needs a 'reference' humidity sensor. But since I have them in every room, that wasn't a problem.

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Which style do you have? There are more numbers that go after that model number when looking on amazon. "Z-wave works with smartthings" ?

Oil rubbed bronze

Wired sensors wherever possible will save you headaches of changing batteries. I much prefer the hidden wired contact sensors in windows and doors versus battery ones you tape to the door. Mine have worked nonstop for 15 years. I have a Vista 20P that is integrated to HE via Arduino and AlarmDecoder so all contacts, motions, etc show up in HE.

After my parents air handler in the attic caused $10k in water damage, I put Zigbee leak sensors under every sink, toilet, in pan of HVAC, etc in my home and installed a WaterCop. Batteries on these ST branded devices have lasted over a year.

Code is US now requires them in all bedrooms and common areas. I have simple Kidde smokes that are interconnected via Romex. Then I have their relay hooked up to a Zwave contact sensor and my security system for safety. If they alert, my alarm goes off and HE notifies me. Much cheaper than Nest and backup batteries now last 10 years.

I am of the opinion to stick with same brand as the other locks in your home. My house is all Schlage so that is what I bought. I even keyed mine to match other locks as a backup. I’ve had one of mine for over 4 years and it’s Zwave. I will be replacing it with a Zigbee version as it’s never successfully paired with HE because of older firmware.

I agree with @SmartHomePrimer that getting neutrals to these switches is important for HA. You will be very limited on options. I have a mix of GE and Lutron. Definitely budget for Caseta simply for the Picos as they are extremely useful.

I love my Ecobees. They run themselves and the remote sensors are helpful. My HE Integration needs are simple and really just change mode to away when we are on vacation since I often forget. I also decrease temp when my cleaning lady arrives too.

Overall I have taken my time automating things, started on ST in early 2014. Simple things like turning on the bath exhaust fan when shower light turns on and then off 30 minutes after the shower light is turned off can go a long way. I took this further by also turning on my hot water heater circulation pump too. Then every light switch was replaced and so on. My wife and I love the bedside Picos that shutdown and turn on the house. No more walking around turning lights off.

Congratulations on the new home!


I believe his situation was that he didn't receive additional notification, or any. Not certain which. However, the core functionality of Nest Protect or any smoke/CO alarm sold in the US and Canada must meet minimum federal regulations for their respective countries. In other words, the smart ones have to reliably be able to do the basics that the non-smart versions can do, and interconnection is part of that. The smarts can fail, but the core functionality cannot or they would not meet guidelines.


so does any have some good recommendations for EU light switches?

This isn't really true any more - the native HE integration supports "schedules" (programs/climates) so that you can automate changing the thermostat's program which will maintain the configured sensor functionality.

And for even MORE capalities when integrating Ecobee with HE (or SmartThings) see my free Ecobee Suite [RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**

Fibaro & Qubino in wall dimmers & relays work well for me.

I've been switching to these and replacing the standard face plates with momentary ones.

I feel silly asking the guy who wrote a better integration how to do something in the basic native integration, but ... really? I'm using yours, but essentially only using it to control mapping my HE mode to the Ecobee comfort setting.

That's doable in the native code? Reference/link?

If teenagers detected in the shower
shower.time >= 5 minutes
then speak Google-shower; "Dad is paying the bill"

if shower.time >= 10 minutes
shut off shower valve
speak Google-shower; "Too late, no more water for 30 minutes"
delay 30 minutes (not cancelable)"

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Sorry, my bad - I hadn't realized that the Rule Machine access to setSchedule() in the native Ecobee support doesn't actually work.

Some people seem to be working around this by using Virtual Switches on Hubitat and IFTTT - "IF SwitchX turns on, THEN set Ecobee Program to X".

Or, just install my Ecobee Suite... :grin:

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Already done, and in use. (and can I just say ... it's perfect!)

Yes, I was pretty sure that bit wasn't currently working in the Native integration.

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Omfg hahaha. Brilliant. My dad used to manually shut off the hot water on my sister back in the day and say that the tank ran out of water... welcome to 2019. Too funny.

What exactly are these speech functions—a TTS setup? Does it also work with Echos?

I did this once to my ex-wife. Maybe why I'm now single!

One thing I would do differently - document as I went. I am at the point now where I have such a huge network of connected devices, servers, automation, scripts, etc that I have started a self-hosted wiki to keep track of everything. I have most of the core infrastructure documented, but I have not touched rules yet - which will be quite a bit of work. While I can usually look at a rule and say "Yep, I know what it does" I often look at the logic I used and think to myself "Why on earth did I do it THAT way?". Hopefully some context diagrams and note fields will help future me remember :slight_smile:

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But the real question is “are you happy?”
I’ll have to name my disconnect button, “Start Divorce Procedure.”

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