Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Just wanted to put out here how happy I am with this clock! I was on the fence about it a year or so ago when it first came out so didn't purchase one. A couple of weeks ago I was looking on Ebay for the 10 motion sensor deal (couldn't find any btw!) and came across a factory refurbished Lenovo smart clock for only $30 (including shipping). Since Best Buy is still selling them for around $60, I figured why not!? To my surprise, this little thing is awesome! lol. Liked it so much, I bought a second one for my daughter.

If you haven't looked at this in a while, it's worth a second look. There are a bunch of them on Ebay for around $40.


Does it retain the time and alarms if you lose your internet connection? I know the Insignia one I have from BB doesn't and it always worries me. I have Spectrum and lose internet on a fairly regular basis.

Good question. The answer is "I think so".

I have a number of them, (all with the Mic switched off), and I noticed a couple of them seemed to have no IP address the other day, yet alarms were still working.

I haven't tested to be sure though.


I'm in the not sure club too. I have lost internet a couple times in the past week with everyone slamming the network. Alarms are definitely still there.

I'm thinking I could set an alarm for a few minutes hence, block the device using my Fingbox, and we'll see....

Ok. Test semi-conclusive.

Set an alarm, blocked the internet on the device, and waited. The alarm went off as it should.

However, it was a one and done alarm, I didn't test a recurring alarm, although I have no reason to think it won't work.

It is worth noting that the clock alerted me that the network was down, with a voice notification and textual message on the screen.


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The fact that it kept the time is a huge improvement!!! It makes it an ACTUAL clock. When I lose the internet my Google Nest Hub goes into the "Check Internet Connection" screen and you can't back out of it. Now I'm ticked I didn't pick one up yesterday when I saw them for $30!

Here is what I found on Lenovo's forum:


So, @bptworld and @scottgu3, how long did you guys let your device sit without an internet connection? And did you just block port 80 or did you disconnect your modem (like a real loss would do)? Because the last response from @CurtisZM is what I am hearing other places as well. Just want to confirm.

Reading the post above from the maker, it seems pretty clear that the alarms will be lost if the power goes out (lose cache version) and you lose your internet (lose cloud version). It appears to be able to recover from one or the other but not both at the same time?

After doing more reading on other sites, the clock is definitely not displayed if the devices loses internet connection for any length of time. It can hold it for a bit but within a minute or two it will lose the clock and display the setup screen again. This is all over the reviews on Best Buy and the Lenovo forum.

Bottom line, I blocked the device on my network entirely (using my Fingbox), but only for <5 minutes.

I can confirm the existence of the network Failure message, but I didn't play with it beyond noting it existed, so I have no idea if it can be backed out of. It popped up right after my alarm, which was set for a minute or two after I blocked the internet.

I can run a couple more tests later today and report back.


Not sure how many are left, but it looks like this seller has it on sale again with a discount showing up in the cart if anyone is interested. I picked one up a little earlier today.