Legrand Radiant WNRR15WH Smart Outlet (Fingerprint)

That’s the plan. I’ll report back when I have the new ones installed and a larger sample size to observe. Thanks!

Done. Good news, not-good news.

For a current picture, I now have 4 of these units added to my C7 hub.

I grabbed a 200W incandescent bulb (only ~$5!) and a socket-to-plug adapter from my local home center. I started with an known-good-for-power-reporting Jasco Zigbee receptacle to act as a control. That Jasco recept reported 204W from the bulb.

I then repeated the experiment with the 4 Legrand recepts that I have. All 4 Legrand recepts reported 21W back to the hub. (I'll just copy 1 of the log entries here, but all 4 look similar.)

@mike.maxwell , is this something that can be corrected in the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver?

Here's a shot of the device fingerprint if that helps any. Thanks!


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I have these as well, but don't have the reporting turned on. What do you have this set to?

I use '1 Watt' for all my Zigbee outlets just because I want to see the info. I believe the only consideration is radio/mesh traffic, but I'm happy to be corrected on that.

I can confirm the one I checked appears to be off by a factor of 10.

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So... um, @mike.maxwell, does that "yes..." mean it WILL be corrected in the generic zigbee outlet driver? :wink:

I bought 6 of these - and they work great - but the scaling is the same as @JB_TX.