Legrand/Bticino LivingNow Zigbee devices

There's a Legrand line that is getting some traction where I live and I wanted to see my integration options, it's called Bticino LivingNow Smart.
These devices use their own Hub/Gateway to pair themselves and display in their app, and have no way to control locally and this limits a lot their integration and is a huge hassle to set up in integration with other systems.

So my question here is: Is there any support/integration to Hubitat of this line of devices?

I already tried pairing a keypad, and it seems that it does identify it normally and receives some messages as it appears in the debugging tab, but all the drivers just skipped over the messages because of parsing errors.

This is a Wake Up/Sleep Scenario controller (K4574CW), I caught those messages setting it up as a Sonoff Zigbee Button Controller. I tried a bunch of other device controllers but none seemed to actually catch the events of this keypad.

TL;DR: Can Hubitat control a Bticino LivingNow Smart keypad? It is pairing with Zigbee correctly and receiving messages.

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Got something really similar in Europe called Valena/Céliane/... and no Hubitat can't control those devices.
Legrand devices rely on a handshake when connecting to the Zigbee network and unless that handshake is met, the device will drop off immediately.


Hey Nick, it's been over a year since your last message. Do you know if Hubitat supports the Bticino line now? It's not in the supported devices list but have you or anyone else gotten it to work?