Legacy mixed case email - unable to login to C8 to migrate

I bought a new C8 to migrate from my hard-working C5, after moving from SmartThings years ago and never looking back.

I finally got around to setting it up, created the could migration backup, shut down my C5, and was able to see the new C8.

However, I can't register to it... after some research I believe the issue is that my registered email address is camel-case (jreidYOW), which causes issues in the latest systems.

I also have Remote Admin, a 1-year subscription that is December->December, which seems to prevent me from being able to temporary transfer it to a secondary email address. I "cancelled" it, but it's still active until December - and I don't want to loose out on the year I paid for.

Is there an easy way to change my email address to be all lowercase?

Pretty sure @support_team should be able to help you...


For "legacy" accounts, you will need our help. Please send me a private message along with your email address.

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