Ledvance smart+ plug, model 4058075208322

For anyone using the Ledvance Smart+ plug / outlet with a part number of 4058075208322 (UK model), it works with driver "Nue ZigBee switch".

FYI, here's a link to the specific model I'm referring to;


I have been using the continental version, with the schuko plug.

In my case I have used the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver with no issues.

I tried that first, but got no response from outlet. Might be a difference in part numbers (maybe this is a new device?)

How is your switch working Daren?

i've just got my Hubitat this week so i'm still on a learning curve, i just see a post on amazon uk which i assume is you with a link to the driver above so i just ordered one.


Working perfectly. Just added a second one as the price is good for a ZigBee outlet

Thanks, i can comfirm that this does work with the generic zigbee outlet driver.

Does yours report watt usage?


No, no reporting. I don't think this outlet supports it, but I never really checked as it's not important for my purposes.