Led strips

What led strips do you use and would recommend?
Except hue.
It could be separate controller + strip as well (smart or non smart)

I use these and the Fibaro and Zooz RGBW controller

If you want to use addressable Pixels I would try the PixelBlaze and this driver [RELEASE] Pixelblaze addressable LED Controller Driver

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I use these in closets where I don't require "smarts." Motion sensor works well and they're rechargeable.

I tried the cheap version to test this, as a newbie. Not disapointed after some trials and errors: Gledopto: it works as expected.

Sadly, I would avoid the RGBGenie line. I bought their Zigbee controller, ZB-1005. It stops responding roughly every 2-3 days, requiring a hard power reset. Nothing else, just remove and re-apply power. So not a signal or hub issue. Not nearly as reliable as their site implied.

@NWTony. Just now saw your post. Sorry you are having issues with our controller. Most definately should not be dropping out like that. We are happy to swap it out. PM me and we will get a new one sent out to you right away.

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