LED strips and controller

Hey guys. Wondering what LED strips and controller you are using. I have some Gilderwell ones from Amazon which work fairly well, just wondering what else is out there that intergrates well

I’m using these

They work great and are 16 feet long.
I also have some Hue strips under the kitchen cabinets. They also work well, but are a fortune.

Are you asking just about strips, or strips and controllers?

The post says led strip and controller and it wasn't edited at all....:joy:


I'm using this one and love it.

Definitely not making me question my reality :laughing:

I've got a write-up on controllers here somewhere. I'll see if I can find it, but in the meantime, the wrap-up is:

Z-Wave: RGBGenie, Oomi, or Aeotec. Fibaro is also good. Most of these don't support RGB + CCT, though.

Zigbee: Lots of options. Sylvanias are decent, and not too expensive.

WiFi: I'm a big fan of MagicHome. They work all-locally, and I've got a lot in store for their drivers. They're also inexpensive. :slight_smile: You can do anywhere from 1-channel, to RGB, to RGB + W, to RGB + CCT. There's even a pixel-controlled one that I'm about to wrap up a driver for.

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What is this witchcraft you speak of? :rofl:

WS2811 LEDs!


WoW! I need one of those... Where can I buy one? :star_struck:

I think you're all just teasing me Sylvania are not available in the UK, I do like the look of magic home though and I can get them so I may just invest

I tend to use Gledopto, easily available in the UK and decent build quality. I'm running a mix of RGBW and RGBCCT zigbee stuff linked to hubitat via a hue hub. As to the LED strips themselves, that depends on the application. It's just a case of finding something that has a reasonable specification and a good price.

One of my more successful WAF raising efforts involved LED strips on the bed, it started as a night light for late night toilet trips and evolved into a notification system linked to phone alerts and certain pet issues. It's become one of her favourite things because "it's simple and just works" from her point of view.

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So do all led strips fit controller's? Seems there are many different types of LED strips. just thought they were all the same

Is osram over here, or ledvance. Either way all the same.

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No, some are 12volt, some are 24 volt. The RGB are 4 pin, the RGBW are 5 pin. There's a very good wifi controller that can handle almost all strips, outside of Adam's fancy WS2811 one
Look at the H801 controller, about 8-9 USD

THIS is a reasonable introduction, it'll give you a good idea of what to throw at Google for more information at the very least :+1:

I have had good luck with WLED and a Dig-uno controller board from here QuinLED-Dig-Uno - quinled.info

I went with the pre-assembled version

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I have the LIFX Z-Strips, integration to HE works great using the community drivers.


Any MagicHome WiFi-compatible controller will work with Hubitat using my driver set (currently only does power state, but more coming). I have them running around my house, and it's one of the few devices my partner actually appreciates :laughing:

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Thanks! Looking forward to future versions of the driver! :smile:

But also £80 for 2 meters here

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