LED Strip Light Recommendations

Hey guys, I'm in the process of finishing my basement, and I'll be adding LED strip lighting to a few areas. I searched the forums for some recommendations, but figured I'd ask via a thread too.

Specifically, I'm adding cove lighting and would like RGB-W strips. In the past, I've used armacost strips/drivers paired with a z-wave dimmer, and they work very well. However, I need ~64ft of light strips, which puts the armacost RGB-W tapes at almost $600 for just the lights. That's a bit out of my price range. Not to mention their RF/wifi controller has been out of stock for a few months.

So, does anyone have recommendations on RGB-W light strips that work well with a z-wave wall dimmer (Inovelli) and allow for color control via hubitat (and subsequently SharpTools)? Anything Philips Hue is out due to cost.


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I use Sylvania lightify zigbee strips, BUT I have them on a separate hub because they're problematic. If you have the resources and can keep them separate, they're really cheap right now. But only if you can separate them from your main mesh.

When I have to replace them, I've heard good things about rgb genie. I think that @bcopeland might use these and a few others have talked them up. If you search for them in the community, you'll find a lot of reviews on them. I know that I posted something about led strips as well as I was thinking about moving to something different also. But, I can't find it back, so I wonder if I asked it further back than I think I did. When I searched LED strips a minute ago, I found quite a list there. Might not be a bad idea to peruse some of those old posts. Some users are really good about posting their experiences after they buy. Great info to have.

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Yes.. They have some really good equipment.. And @gnant from RGBGenie frequents this community


RGB Genie looks like it could be a winner. Thanks for the suggestion! Anyone have thoughts on the strips themselves? Results on amazon are a crapshoot.

I'll read through some of the post history as well.

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Boy, I sure don't know, either. I think you could just about use anything if you follow rgbgenie spec sheet. Pretty open there. Once you decide, stick with the same ones because I didn't know this but you will be able to tell the color difference in the strips.

Someone mentioned zooz in another post? Caught my attention.

I have have one, soon to be three. They are easy to pair and work great.

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