LED Downlights

My house has many of these downlights each with their own driver.

Light: PRO800 8W D-Lux LED IP65 Downlight
Driver: Replacement Pro800 D-Lux LED Downlight Driver

Bathroom has 3
Kitchen has 8

My assumption is to replace the Driver with a Zigbee one that can dim the downlight.. is that correct

Does a driver exist that can control say up-to 4 lights.. or do they need to be 1-1 , which seems odd to me.

Or is there a more cost effective way to get these downlights dimmable and smart - assume I will fit a switch to allow them to be turned on or off manually if needed..using zigbee.?

If they are standard powered you can simply use a zigbee/zwave switch to handle them all at once.

What about the dimming aspect.. they are 240v -> DC Drivers..
The drivers say they are not dimmable.

I agree if they just needed on/off then a zigbee switch would work. But the dimming aspect has thrown me..I tried just using a dumb dimmer and that didn't work so I assumed there was something extra needed to control and dim these lights?

You need a dimmable driver. If you look at the picture of the driver on the site you posted, it specifically says "Non Dimmable".

The dimmable is 7WDD.

The question is whether or not the OP has the dimmable driver.


So really as I thought all drivers need replacing with dimable ones.

Then I can just use ZigBee dimmer switches

My thinking was if I am going to replace the drivers anyway why not just get ZigBee drivers and if so do such drivers exist that control multiple downlights rather than 1-1.

Maybe I didnt make that question clearer , sorry

1-1 unfortunately

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It's possible zigbee drivers do exist but you would need a driver per fitting if that was the case.

You can phase dim multiple dimmable drivers or smart dim each driver depending on the driver but can't put all LEDs on one driver unless you wire the LED part in a certain way with the correct driver and components.

Thanks @user5472
I just found this from RS Online UK,

Actually a pretty good breakdown of all the pieces.

Personally I prefer the dimmer switch approach is its future sale proof (i.e easy to put the dumb switches back in). Its a shame my original LED down lights are all non-dimmable.

UK does seem to be behind the US on all HA products in general so our options are often limited i find.