Learning to understand/code device handlers

So I thought I would try and get a device handler working for a Fibaro dmmer 2. On ST I used codersaurs version and I was comparing this to the code that Robin Winbourne had given for HE Release fibaro 212. Unfortunately this is not working for me. Anyway the 2 pieces of code are very different and I became a bit overwhelmed very quickly.

I do work with code so get the principles but this is not stuff I am familiar with, is there a good book/website that I can read to try and understand zwave (or zigbee for that matter) and the intricacies of communicating with these little devices from different manufacturers?

I've copied a large amount of code from many different people and would like to try and give something back!

I found the smartthings documentation, that seems pretty good place to start. I assume it's fundamentally the same?

Yes, the Hubitat API is very closely patterned after the ST API. There are some notable exceptions that are mostly detailed in the following WiKi post. Please feel free to keep this WiKi Post up to date. Everyone can edit the first post of this thread.

Thanks that just what I needed.

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