Learning as I go - variable rule

I have a problem (undetermined by the shade installer) with 1 of 6 (not always the same) Somfy outside screens going up randomly during the day.

I've written this rule that wants to close any screen that goes up between sun up and sun down. It works fine. But...sometimes we want to put them up, or some of them during that period of time. I can't think of a way to. do that without merely disabling this rule temporarily.

Is there a way? admittedly I am not very proficient in rule programming.

Generally speaking, automation is not a good workaround for a malfunctioning device. Does your shade move by itself if it is unpaired to any controller?

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Yeah, I get that. Everything works as it should. The handheld remote works fine. It is paired with a Bond Hub as are several different rooms. It's only a problem in one room. The installer has tried to reset it, replaced it, and also called Somfy and they have no idea why it goes up by itself. Some sort of frequency issue I suspect.

Also, I assumed (bad choice I guess) that this rule would run "anytime" any one of the shades went up and stayed up for the specified amount of time (.30 seconds). So far that isn't happening. Must have something wrong.

Your rule will trigger only when one of the devices changes to open from some other state (likely closed or opening, depending on the device and driver) and stays for the specified time. You also have a malformed time trigger that won't do anything.

Enable all logging for the rule and provide the output from Logs, filtered to just this rule, to get the best information for additional troubleshooting. (But I'd still second the advice to see if you can fix the device instead; this isn't normal.)

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Ok, I got rid of the malformed time trigger. Thanks. And yes I agree that the screen shouldn't go up by themselves but I have nowhere to turn at this point.