Leaksmart water valve not responding

I have a Zigbee Leaksmart water valve controller. I was testing it today and it's not responding. When I try to toggle it in my dashboard I just get the hourglass. When I close it through the device page, nothing happens. It shows up in my logs as "closing," but nothing ever actually happens...

Any ideas? Should I exclude and reinclude?

What zigbee repeaters do you have on the same network as the leaksmart? Make sure that they are still online.

Edit - whenever I've seen a zigbee end device go offline, it has always been an indication of some repeater having gone offline.

It is 1 of only 2 zigbee devices I have. The other one is online and responding.

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What is it? And does it work as a repeater? The Leaksmart valve doesn't (it's an end device).

For now, just unplug power from the valve, remove the batteries, wait a minute or two, add the batteries back, and plug the power back in. That might put it back online.

Edit - long term, I'd recommend you get a few zigbee repeaters ..... nothing like a robust mesh to prevent end devices from going offline.

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Thanks. The other zigbee device is a Cree BA19 bulb which I believe is a repeater.

Bad news... I just realized the way the valve was installed is going to make it very difficult to get to the batteries...

Good news: I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it's responding again...

These are really bad repeaters. There are several community members whose experiences with Cree have been horrible. @april.brandt documented hers in some detail.

There are several inexpensive excellent zigbee repeaters - like Ikea Tradfri control outlets (about $10 apiece). Iris V2 plugs are also popular around here - they work as zigbee and z-wave repeaters. You can often find them on eBay as a lot of 5 for $50.

In the meanwhile, I'm glad your valve is back online.




Glad it is working. Just want to offer a second vote for increasing your mesh. I recommend the Iris plugs.

I have a leaksmart valve and it has been great for me.

Another note you should be aware of if you aren't already. the device will occasionally close and immediately reopen on its own as a method to keep the valve in working order and prevent it from sticking.


FWIW, I have had the leaksmart for about a year, never fell off or failed to respond. I have a very strong mesh and the valve is within 5 feet of my hub, so it's a solid device. Too bad you can't get them any longer.

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They make an updated version that is still ZHA and should work with Hubitat.


:thinking: ? @charlesrblack You do realize the head lifts right off the valve so you can get at the battery pack, right? At least mine does.


Working on it, thanks!

LOL, actually I did not... but theres another pipe there which stops me from doing it anyway.

Either way, the battery backup is just for use during a power outage, so I'm not that concerned.



Up to a point. Over time, even alkaline batteries with a minimal draw on them will leak (even more so if they're crappy-■■■ Costco batteries - as I have learned from personal experience).

Next time you get a plumber in, have him reposition the valve, so the head unit can be removed easily for maintenance (or the operate the valve manually if needed).

An important feature though. If you have a leak during a power failure, it could be trouble.

Sounds like they didn't use Sharkbite fittings so you cannot simply rotate it. If they're compression fittings, rather than propress fittings, or if the valve was silver soldered in place, it could also be adjusted, maybe it can be adjusted.

The batteries will leak as @aaiyar points out. That may will damage your valve and you don't want to find out it's damaged at the worst possible time!

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Completely off-topic here. Call me old-fashioned, but I remain leery of sharkbite fittings. Propress I like, I wish the tool were less expensive. So I sweated on compression adapters on the cut main to install my Leaksmart.


I understand the apprehension. I felt the same initially, but couldn't find any reported incidents related to them. A friend who's company handles flood claims said the same. I've had them on my dishwasher and a whole house filter for 10 years without a problem. Whereas I have had fittings leak that were sweated by a plumber.

I would say the most important part is to be sure you deburr the pipe before installing them so it doesn't cut the O-Ring.


Oh, I know you're right. I've had sweated on fittings leak. And actually, they say that sharkbites are more tolerant of minor shaking like a small quake. But I'm old ..... :joy: