Leak sensors showing leak detected in HomeKit

Why are the leak sensors I have in Hubitat (SmartThings and Dome) showing up as leak detected (triggered) in HomeKit?

When you look at the device page itself in hubitat, what is it showing in attributes?


I am not sure what information you are looking for.

On their Hubitat device page, do the sensors show as dry or wet?


Under States nothing is showing. On the Devices page it shows no activity under Last Activity for the sensors even though I have been testing them.

Then they are not properly paired to Hubitat.

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Thank you. Yep, that was the problem. I got to thinking after I posted last time and figured it out before you even had responded. Excluded and deleted the sensors and then paired them again. Works perfectly in Hubitat and HomeKit. I should have looked at the Status earlier. Thanks for pointing me there. Thank you for your advice, time and sticking with me. I greatly appreciate it and you!


Curious, are the zigbee or z-wave sensors?


Yep. Both.

How does your z-wave details page look? Post a copy here.

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