LCM "Pending"

Brand new to this. I have a Schlage 469 and am adding users. I managed to add 1 and it works, took a few minutes for the status to go from pending to always enabled.

Made another one, it works as well, but it is stuck on pending for an hour now.

How can I get immediate feedback?

Sounds like a mesh problem, i.e. not enough repeaters for the data to get to the hub and back reliably.


The Schlage 469 (unclear whether you have the older non-Plus BE469NX or the newer Z-Wave Plus BE469ZP Z-Wave Plus) is a FLiRS (sleepy) device that needs a beaming repeater close by. Mine wouldn’t work reliably until I put Ring Alarm Extender Gen 2 next to each one. The Aeotec Range Extender 7 works well, too. I use the Ring because it has internal battery backup, and can send power fail events (switch to battery) to the hub so you can do a clean shutdown.

Did you look at logs?

I recently migrated my locks from a C5 hub to a C7 hub. When I went to add lock codes, it kept giving that "pending". Turns out, there were existing lock codes that didn't get erased for some reason. And the logs showed that.

The hub could not erase those codes either. I ended up going to the lock itself, doing a code reset, and then things were fine.

I think it was Schlage button [Programming master code] button 6 [Programming master code]

It is a ZP. The Hub and lock are perhaps 30' apart, clear line of sight. That would need a repeater?

Interesting you mention that though. When I manually control the device, from the hub dashboard it almost always fails, using the Maker API the 1st control request always fails and the 2nd one always works.

30' separation is too much?

Can be, depends on what's in between (including RF).

Open space, comcast router and cells. Couple wifi clients on the router.

I just made another user and it immediately went to always enabled, once I reloaded the app.

Well, I believe there are two issues here. The first is the beaming repeater issue (FLiRS), discussed above. That’s always been the case in the year+ I have used Hubitat. The second is that, some time in recent hub updates (2.2.6 or 2.2.7), the Schlage lock does seem to require two tries. I wasn’t the one who first reported it, search the forum for recent posts. But I’ve noticed it.

Some have reported using the community Reliable Locks code to fix it with retries.

Hubitat staff seems to have washed their hands of supporting the Schlage locks. Sigh.

That reminds me.. I have recently received one of the known problem schlage locks and need to include it to see if I can tame it..

I keep forgetting I have that thing.. Moving it to my desk now so I don’t forget

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Thanks for the info re Schlage, I'll check it out. It seems to work just fine in its early life with me, aside from the double command necessity.

I set it to enable a code yesterday morning and LCM reports still as to be enabled by date, I don't know if the code actually is active as the person with it hasn't visited yet. Nothing in logs about the user going 'active'.