Launch good night routine from dashboard tile

I am trying to create a dashboard tile that will turn off select lights and turn on select lights.
I'm not sure first how to set up the routine (maybe rules machine?) And second create a tile to launch the routine

I did this by creating a night mode and creating a rule in rule machine to turn off selected lights when the mode changed to “night”. On my dashboard I then added a mode tile where I could select the night mode. I use this same method for good morning and bed time routines.


I created a Virtual Switch called Good night and placed it on the dashboard. Then create a rule that does everything you want, turning off, turning on lights, locking doors, setting alarms etc when the virtual switch get's turned on.

I did a combination of both previous posts. I created a virtual switch that changes the HE mode between night and day. I run the rules for the lights and anything else I want to adjust based of the change in the mode. On my dashboard I use the mode tile to control this. The reason for the virtual switch was I could integrate it into Google home as a switch, including this in routines for "Goodnight" and "Good Morning".

I’ve also got the “matching” virtual switches for Google. Lol

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I think the simplest way to do this would be to create a scene. Fewer steps than creating a virtual switch, tying in with modes (unless you also want that), or manually creating rules in rule machine.

When you create a scene, the hub will automatically add a scene activator virtual switch. You can then add this device to a dashboard, as either a switch or a button I believe.

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can you lock doors and bring down blinds with scenes? couldn't figure out how and was going to go the virtual switch route

I don't think you can... but to your point you can create a virtual switch and then add the virtual switch to the scene.

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