Launch a Scene from Maker API

Is it possible to activate a scene using the Maker API (via HTTP)?

It should be possible, as a Hubitat Scene simply manifests itself as a 'Switch' device. Simply turning 'on' that device should activate the scene. Just make sure the scene's switch device is exposed via MakerAPI and you should be good to go.

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Thanks for the reply.

Instead of a scene, I meant to say can you trigger a rule created from rule machine.

I just transferred all of my devices from Vera to a Hubitat Hub (which I love). Scenes are what they call rules in the Vera world.

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Rules can have multiple triggers. If you made a rule-specific virtual switch one of the triggers, then turning on that switch using MakerAPI would run the rule.

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Great idea & great job! I can handle that :slight_smile:

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Rule Machine rules can also expose an http endpoint as a trigger. This may be even simpler then using MakerAPI + a Virtual Switch as a trigger. It is nice to have options! :wink:

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How does one expose the endpoint trigger? Sounds like something that could get you in trouble :grin:

It’s just a type of trigger. Here you go...


Thank you. How do you navigate to the local endpoint trigger? I can't seem to find it

I am not following the question... The above screenshots should make it pretty clear how to add a Local End Point trigger to Rule Machine, as well as how to copy and save that corresponding URL.

What I'm trying to ask is if this is part of the rules engine?

Rule Machine, but yes.

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