Latest Webcore Package Manager Update

I have been using pushover with webcore for over six months now and it has worked flawlessly. Today I updated webcore in hubitat package manager to 1.0.77 and now I’m noticing that I am not receiving pushover notifications from webcore, pushover notifications that come from hubitat work fine. My pushover template piston is showing an error of “error executing virtual command http request”. In the other pistons that are requesting notifications I see an error of “get variable null null not found”


So I figured restore my hubitat database to the backup from yesterday morning, webcore was once again showing it had an update in package manager along with the other apps that I updated earlier today. After restoring an earlier database, the webcore pushover notifications started working again. I then updated webcore in package manager for a second time and the pushover notifications stopped working again. After restoring to yesterday mornings backup again, webcore was once again working. Seems like the webcore 1.0.77 update in HPM is causing some issue with pushover.

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this is fixed in latest update