Latest release possible runin issues see example

suddently with latest release runin commands are executing imeediately see example below.


It would help if you put log.debug in the methods that are being used in the runIn(). As it is, I can't tell what your logs mean, nor see that runIn() isn't working as expected.

Given that many many automations rely on runIn() and no one is reporting failures of those, it's difficult to believe that runIn() is broken. Maybe, but need more evidence.

ok will add comments about when scheduled and when actually run and resubmit

well put comments in and tested.. now sure why it did not work before but as you say worked fine this time.. will keep an eye on it.

This shouldn't matter, as in my testing it got converted to one anyway (and the practice is quite widespread from code I've seen here; I've only seen this matter once with another platform method, and the underlying issue there was addressed), but the runIn() method is documented as taking a String parameter for the callback method name (see: Common Methods Object - Hubitat Documentation). So even though it's working for you now, you might want to try that just to be sure.

FWIW, I just modified a driver for someone yesterday that using a very similar setup to yours (an input of type number being passed to runIn() for the delay time, though I used a String for the callback method name), and testers didn't report any problems: Konnected motion sensors - delay configuration - #2 by bertabcd1234. Not helpful for you, I know, but at least not universal failure. :smiley:

so you are saying my callback shoud be "checkIfActuallyClosed" vs without the quotes.. ya .. dont think that is the issue but will change it.. as in my case it did run albeit only millisecs later instead of the full 19 seconds. thanks anyway

That's what I would do (or really any type of literal or variable value of String--though again, it looks like it handles this automatically either way, so I'm not convinced it is/was really the issue).

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