Latest in no neutral switches and dimmers

Anything new in the world of automation for no neutral switches and dimmers?
I’ve used Inovelli in the past but seems like the red and blues are discontinued. I managed to find. New embrighten that says no neutral but that’s out of stock
As well.
Going to be visiting my brother in Canada in a few weeks. We installed a HE system last summer and while some of his switches had a neutral , the vast majority of them didn’t. ( should be illegal in a new home in my opinion. But sadly he’s in a 3 year old home and almost all of the dimmers have power at the light. ). I know I can get no neutral relays and power at the light but would prefer a wall switch / dimmer option.
If anyone knows of something good - would appreciate the details.

The Inovelli blue is not discontinued.

Out of stock here: Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 Smart Switch | Smart Light Switch & Dimmer Switch but they have a link to another site which seems to have them:

Nor is the Red, FWIW -- only the old gen 2 models, which were long out of stock.

Gen 3 and the Blues (substantially similar, plus the upcoming White Series if you want Thread/Matter) are substantially similar and still available, though it looks like both are currently backordered from Inovelli directly. Other suppliers (Amazon, ZwaveProducts, possibly others) may still have some, or it looks like it's not too long a wait, especially for the Blues.

Appreciate that.
I need to go check with my brother. For some reason I was thinking the areas we mainly wanted to cover now were 3 way setups. Apparently this one has a limitation for no neutral on a multi.
But. Does look like a great solution for stand alone no neutral dimmer / switch.

I don't know if they are still available or offered as a function on any dimmers but;
Some / many smart dimmers could use a "auxiliary" switch for the remote in a 3-way installation. It may be something you could look into.