Latest Firmware Files for Jasco/Enbrighten-GE/Honeywell Z-Wave - released by Jasco

Came across this on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel (have to give credit)(I've been defeated... - "Smart" lighting in my new house - YouTube)- didn't see it posted here. They have not released them publicly until now.. If you happen to watch this video until the end, that is where he finally gets Jasco to release the firmware.

I have no connection to "Linus" - just thought this would be helpful as I have been having troubles with my Honeywell switches.

If I put this in the wrong place or its already posted - I apologize.


I doubt the firmware updates will help with the way most switches work. Maybe that is a separate thread?

There is a LONG thread about this already.

@bobbyD maybe this should be closed or merged to keep conversation in one place?


Please continue the conversation on existing thread mentioned above.