Latest Beta version for Android App

Hey Bobby,

What version is each platform running with this release?

I'm on Android and since your initial message from yesterday, I don't see anything new, I'm running v1.28


What build number? (go into Settings >> "Show Debug Information", first line would show the build number). Latest build is 41.

Yes Sir, 41 it is

TY for the reply


I'm on build 30. How does one upgrade?

Do a search using the keyword 'beta'.
Android and IOS beta testing threads will appear.

@patrick the app stalls some times and I get this error.

App 1.28 build 41
Phone Samsung S9 android 9

I have not had an issue with presence in some time. Until the last few days. Now every day the circle makes itself bigger. I reset it, and the next day it has grown again.

Android 9.0, Beta App Version 1.28, Build 41.

My presence has gone bonkers. It has worked flawlessly for a couple months, both my and my wifes phone. Then about a week ago it all went to pot. I'm lucky if my phone ever reports leaving or arriving. My wife's is a little better, but not much. I have not made any changes to the phones. Not sure what is going on.

I gave up on mobile presence for this very reason and got an Xbee for my car and have that set up a presence sensor. Much more reliable.

Problem is I need person presence, rather than car presence. And would like it a little further out than the Zigbee.

Strange part is it has been working so well. I can't find anything on my phone that has changed to cause the issue. Checked all the battery, location, settings, etc.

Started using a combination of the HE app and Life360 again. Hoping one or the other will be more accurate.

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I'm on beta version 1.3 on a Pixel 3 and Android 10. One thing that is a major annoyance is that the app goes back to the main dashboards screen every time the screen rotates rather than just rotating the current dashboard. It also seems to get confused about local/cloud almost every time this happens. By this I mean when it goes back to the main dashboards screen, it frequently gives the message "switching to local dashboard in 3 seconds".

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