Latest Beta version for Android App

Hey Bobby,

What version is each platform running with this release?

I'm on Android and since your initial message from yesterday, I don't see anything new, I'm running v1.28


What build number? (go into Settings >> "Show Debug Information", first line would show the build number). Latest build is 41.

Yes Sir, 41 it is

TY for the reply


I'm on build 30. How does one upgrade?

Do a search using the keyword 'beta'.
Android and IOS beta testing threads will appear.

@patrick the app stalls some times and I get this error.

App 1.28 build 41
Phone Samsung S9 android 9

I have not had an issue with presence in some time. Until the last few days. Now every day the circle makes itself bigger. I reset it, and the next day it has grown again.

Android 9.0, Beta App Version 1.28, Build 41.