Last cloud backup upload failed, Fixed with Full Power down

Just signed up for Hub Protect. $29.00 year.
So I could get the extended warranty and cloud backups.

I had to reboot hub to get it to recognize. That I had signed up.
I tried doing a manual cloud backup. Yeah, and. It shows that it failed.
Tried several times but it doesn't seem to wanna work.
Does it take a while for this to start working? Or am I doing something wrong?
Any ideas why it's not working? Thanks for the help as always.

Edit ..

Weird stuff .. my z-wave radio freaked out .. 1st time since i got it.
So I powered down the hub and un-plugged it for a few minutes ...
Powered it back up .. now everything is working again including z-wave stuff ..

Then tried making a cloud backup and it worked this time!

Wondering if there is a way to " download " the cloud backup ?
So I also have a full backup locally ?

The shutdown, removal of power (and waiting 30+ seconds or so), and reboot was going to be my suggestion when you described your problem. Glad it worked!

New subscriptions will be "seen" by the hub a bit faster if you do a reboot, but if you see cloud backups as an option at all, yours probably already did (but they'll be disovered on their own after a bit anyway).

There is no way to download a cloud backup locally--the extra features if provides compared to a local backup is part of the subscription value. :smiley: (Local backups have always been available as they are now; cloud was introduced a few years later with the extra features.)

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Thanks ... Would be nice since I am paying for it .. to be able to dl the file locally.
Until today doing some research I was not aware that "local Backups" was not a "full" backup.
Having a copy locally has always been my best option for most things.

It takes a while for the hub to get notified that a subscription is active, but a reboot speeds up that process. Once you see a cloud back-up tab on Backup and Restore page, it means the subscription is active. The manual cloud backup failure is not normal, but may be a one time fluke. If it happens again, be sure to create a subscription case by visiting the following page so we can further investigate: