Last 20 messages not showing in the app - Android

I have a problem that the last 20 messages sent to the device are not showing in the Notifications page in the app (the page is always empty).
However, I always get the push notifications to my phone, but they are never shown in the Notifications page.
I have an Android phone (Android 10, Xiaomi version) and version 1.5.1 of the app.

Does anyone else have the same problem and/or a solution for it?

I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi and have the notifications but do find the app just hangs on the loading screen alot and i have to clear the cache to get it going again.

I also have the Xiaomi Redmi phone and I had the same problem with the app hangs during loading.
I had to hit the "back" button, and then start the app again which usually solved the problem.

When I turned off the battery saving function for the Hubitat app, I don't have this problem anymore since the app is always on.

However, my issue with the Notification page being empty remains the same.

You're lucky to have got that far. The app doesn't even get past the flash screen on my wife's Oppo. That's been the case for months now. P1ss poor to be honest.

First thing i did was turn off the battery saver and still the same.

Yes, I was incorrect..........I still have the problem that the loading screen hangs up.
The only thing that helps for me when I start the Hubitat app and the screen hangs up is to go back to the home screen on the phone (not the "back" button as I wrote earlier), start another app, and then start the Hubitat app again.
Then it usually works.

I believe that this is a common error for everyone (that the notifications page for the app doesn't work). I have my phone on Battery - don't optimize, and still have the same issue. I'm sure that this is on their list of stuff to fix, but I don't think it's at the top of the list, due to C7 Zwave issues.
As a matter of fact, at the present time, I suggest using Pushover as your daily driver for Push notifications (although some here swear by PushBullet).
Pushover seems to work very well, it's inexpensive (if not free), and it has a very good driver and very good integration with Hubitat.

I'm also in the group that sees no notification list in the Hubitat app - Pixel 3. Ever since they announced that feature it has been blank for me.

Having same issue w 1.5.1 & 1.5.2. Notifications show up in phone's status bar. When open the HE app and select Notifications, just get a spinning wheel, no notices. Also receiving multiple arrive/depart events in logs. Life360 is rock solid and accurate

Any update on issues w the latest versions on Android ?

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I'm here hoping for some resolution on this issue too. Android 11, Samsung Galaxy S20. Tapping on "Notifications" just leads to a blank page with a spinning wait indicator.