Lannouncer help to setup required

By reading the messages on this community about lannouncer, it sounded it is working for all of you. There must be something I don’t do. I tried everything I can think of and this app never made a single sound. The volumes are high, and the dnd is not active.

Can someone lead me with this please?

What I have done is installed the lannouncer version 19.05.11 - 36. I installed the driver code found in one of the discussion here, created a virtual device and selected the LANNOUNCER ALERTER. In that driver, I entered my IP address of the phone I installed the lannouncer. But nothing work. I can see I the notification apps the choice to speak to the lannouncer device. What am I missing?

Wow... so much for LAN nouncer... I think Hubitat requires internet to talk to lannouncer. As soon as I connected Hubitat on the net, it started to work. But not for long and then I get CONNECTION REFUSED

How can I have a phone talk to me based on events in HE? WITHOUT INTERNET.

This is the first time I have heard of this program, and I have been on here pretty much daily for a year now. I had to look up what it even was.

Did you try to contact the driver author?

I haven't ever looked for something to do this so I am not familiar with any other ways to accomplish this.

Good point. I'm going to try to contact the author.
If you find something, let me know.

Well @neonturbo I’m not so good in finding the author. It is Tony McNamara. But this is old like 5 years ago. If I could only find a simple way to have HE to send me voice message on my phone while I’m on the network (no internet at all) I would be very happy.

Lannouncer is/was for SmartThings.

It was never ported to Hubitat by the original author, and it appears that it was abandoned when the author, who goes by the username NWTony, moved from SmartThings to Hubitat.

The port to hubitat was done by jpark. The thread is HERE.

You are better of reading that thread for information, and posting questions there, where people that use it are more likely to see your questions and respond.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate this.

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