Lanbon Light Switches

Anyone used Lanbon wifi light switches?
Not too many reviews out there on them so just wondering anyone here had any experience with them and did they even work with HE?

Not here, then again looks like they need neutral and the net, so not one for me. :frowning:

Hi Keith, @veeceeoh

I have a Lanbon hot water switch and would love to work with you to build a driver and app for HE.

Is this something on which you would enjoy working with me?


I don't have any experience in reverse-engineering WiFi devices with proprietary Android/iOS control apps. So I'm sorry to say that I am not able to help.

Hi @veeceeoh I should have been clearer in my original question. The Lanbon switch is Zigbee, not WiFi.

Anyone get any of the Lanbon devices that use zigbee to talk to Hubitat?

They appear to have there own 'hub' built into a master device and all other devices are slaves and they do not appear to follow a 'general' zigbee standard. So they will not play nice with other zigbee controllers. They only want to talk to their own host. No Zigbee security header in the when the coordinators send the Network key.

Anyone had any luck with theses, or should I look at a different product.

^ this

I guessed that, but I had to ask.
Shame my wife loves the looks of the lanbon devices, but I did not like they were contacting a IP address in China all the time.

Thanks to @Natjur's information, it's clear that Lanbon ZigBee devices use a proprietary ZigBee standard that won't work with the Hubitat hub. So it is not possible to write a Hubitat device driver for your Lanbon hot water switch. Sorry!

maybe, has anyone tried using the Iris V1 Zigbee device join option?, if the device finishes the initialization process using that discovery type, then a Hubitat driver might be possible.

I have contacted Lanbon in China, and they are interested in understanding more to expand their market.

They have expressed willingness to invest time in R&D to make their Zigbee switch work with standard products.

They asked for a SmartThings HUB, which I have sent them. After they make it work for that, I believe we can then more easily port to HE.

I am a noob, so may need some help from the Community if Lanbon make progress on their development.

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Hi Geoff. How did you get on? I'm in the same situation. Switches are nice but don't seem to play well with HA solutions.

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Thanks for asking Bryan @bg0600 and to all of you including @mike.maxwell for the contributions above.

I am discussing the solution with Lanbon directly. They really haven't understood third party Hubs. And they hadn't heard of SmartThings. So I set about helping them to get up to speed.

I sent a SmartThings hub from me to Lanbon in China I thought this an easier place to begin than HE.

Lanbon first thought they had to have an official app under Samsung. I am trying to help them understand the third party support they will receive - and of course the potential market for their updated products.

I am going to send them this link so they can see the interest.

If you would buy a new Zigbee version of the Lanbon Hot Water Switch which works with SmartThings please say so below to further encourage the guys in the lab at Lanbon!

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I'm actually more interested in their light switches. I have two already but can't integrate them into Home Assistant - only Google Assistant. I would like to fit out the entire house but only if I can integrate them with a home automation system.

I think it would be wise to also consider what electrical certifications these devices conform to and whether they are code compliant in your country.

Absolutely. I wouldn't install them in my home without them being certified here (NZ). They are certified for use here.

Hello, I have had these Lanbon switches for 6 months and they have been great, but too limited due to no integration options with other sensors and devices. Just wondering if you have any update lanbon on integration with the new version of Box?

I've got Lanbon light switches which use WiFi. They can be controlled both locally and using their cloud server in China. They won't release the local API to you unless you agree to buy 200+ switches. I partially reverse engineered the local API, but not completely. See my page at it would be nice to have a complete solution. BTW I'm in Aus and they meet the Aus electrical regulations. I've only just discovered Hubitat so haven't tried linking them