Lamps: What Is Your Ideal Setup?

My husband still habitually turns lamps on/off. At least I have the hard-wire lights taken care of by changing everything to Smart Switches. I can't use smart bulbs alone or smart plugs alone.

What are your favorite set ups for lamps? I'm leaning towards a Smart Bulb + Super Simple Smart Button right next to the lamp + unscrewing the manual switches on the lamp and hiding them lol.

That's what I did in a short-term rental property we owned. The lamps in question were plugged into z-wave dimmers which were associated with Zooz Zen34 switches mounted in obvious locations. This allowed me to turn the lamps on dimly at sunset, but they still could be locally controlled.

Most guests had no trouble with this but inevitably some would unplug the lights from the dimmers, no doubt because the knobs were missing. Never a complaint though. Putting things back to normal was one of the things on our checklist after a guest left.

In our home, I have three rooms with lamps that all use Hue bulbs. For local control I have Hue button controllers in each room, mounted on the wall next to the hardwired switches for the fans, etc. Since there are multiple lamps in each room, each room is set up as a zigbee group and the Hue button controller's events trigger actions on those groups (on, off, startLevelChange and stopLevelChange). My wife doesn't have a problem with this and likes all the automation, so I didn't have to actually remove the knobs :joy:.

I have bulbs in 3 lamps and 4-button mini-motes on each table. Button 1 turns on the lamp at that table and buttons 2-4 turn them all on at 33%, 66% and 99%. The buttons will toggle on/off.

I then use long press of the buttons to control the speed of the ceiling fan.


I use Lutron Pico remotes on the Lutron Pedestal accessory for cases like this. Lutron sells single, double, and triple pedestals, which all have a nice weight to them and an anti-slip texture to the bottom. They work great with Hubitat, assuming you have a Lutron Caseta SmartBridge Pro hub :wink:



I've done that at multiple airbnbs. Lol

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Oh I like that idea! It’s kinda like the old school dimmers lol

I use timers on lights as much as possible. The less I touch controls, the better. Power is cheap here and the lights are all LEDs so if a room stays brightly lit for a few hours and no one benefitted from it... I do not care.

But I still need manual overrides, especially at bedtime which is a variable time. So I use Zooz wall mounted button pads and some Minoston 4-button remotes in key places.

At one time I was intent on standardizing every switch and having a lot of remotes and Lutron Caseta was very appealing... I did tons of research and it looked like a winner. But I've been getting by without it for now.

It was the only thing I could do. It's the living room and the only room in the house where the bride and I could not come to consensus on how the lights should work. We had little problem with all the other rooms, though the kitchen took a LOT of tweaking.

I wonder if it would save buttons if you did like:
Button 1: on/off
Button 2: a cycle between 33%, 66%, 99% (or however many steps you want)

It sure would. Easy to program. I thought about it but really didn't have anything else to add to the remotes. Most everything in the house, other than the living room lights and ceiling fan, just happens based on contact sensors motion sensors and time of day.

Tidbit for those that are familiar with the Aeotec mini-motes, these were purchased around 2016 and still have the original rechargeable batteries in them. I charge them on the 1st of the month. I'll do the battery swap when they require charging more than once a month.

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The Ikea Rodret dinner is another great option for a two button remote that supports dimming. Tap for on/off... hold & release for dim up/down.


I had to do this to a couple lamps in the living room. Controlled by motion only. Housekeeper kept turning them off at the lamp, so I unscrewed the switch and hid them. It works.

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This is good to know! Decent price too. We’ll definitely be using some of these.

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This is similar to how i set up my daughter's full color bulb.

Button 1 Tap: toggle bulb on/off
Button 1 hold: increase level.
Button 2 Tap: cycle to next color in programmed sequence.
Button 2 hold: decrease level.

I have two methods for lamps.

First use Wiz bulbs with a Zen 34 for control. I also use a motion sensor to turn them on automatically when someone enters the room. The Zen34 allows overide control and some other functions through multitap.

I also use Gove Lyra lamps they integrate with hubitat, but also include remotes for then as well.

Since they all integrate witb Hubitat i can use it to add more advanced functions.

Hubitat controls color temp and brightness based on various things throughout the day

Only downside to this is concept is since they are Wifi devices press and hold or release functions dont really work for controlling fade.