Lag yeelight with mash wifi

I just updated my WiFi network with mesh routers (tp-link x60) but now I have a huge lag. When run a automation push a button it takes about 30 sec before the yeelight bulb turns on. Is there a solution for it or do I have to trade my bulbs for zigbee bulbs?

Seems to be an issue with your WiFi mesh - have you gone through TP-Link's troubleshooting to fix it?

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With the yeelight app it works with no problem

That would indicate something in your mesh doesn't like HE or vice versa


Maybe because i can't split the 2,5 and 5 Ghz network with the masch? But on the other hand i see many smart home youtubers use WiFi mesh

in HE settings>>network work setup try changing the network speed from auto negotiated to fixed (if already set for fixed set for auto negotiated) and see if that helps.

I found a solution i bought a resberry with home assistant the connection with yeelight and other wifi products work's great, but i didn't get the zigbee on it to work. I was already beginning to mis my hubitat also to make automations after some research i found a home assistant device handler for hubitat and heve de the best of both now