LaCrosse Sensors

Has anyone else used these Lacrosse Sensors?

They make these really nice temp/humidity/moisture sensors that connect by wifi. One of the things I really like about the temp sensors is that you can also add a probe to the units. So, I have 3 of them at work that give me monitoring of the room temp and then have probes in storage refrigerators that will give me alerts if they get too warm.

Possible to integrate with Hubitat?

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They're cloud based sensors so probably not the best for hubitat. Plus, it doesn't appear that they have API access but instead you have to use their app. Doesn't really lend itself for integration with anything. And a monthly fee? No thanks.

Anything that uploads to Weather Underground can be captured and redirected to Weewx, which can then be imported into HE. You can then control switches with it too.

[Edit] It appears you can get data from LaCrosse weather stations and their bridge into Weewx. Once you do that, the information can be imported into Hubitat using Andy's Weewx driver..

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