Labeling Virtual Button

I have created a virtual button to toggle a global variable. I have entries in both the Virtual Button Device Name and Device Label Fields but the created button tile is unnamed and only displays a generic button icon. Other tiles in the Dashboard display their appropriate label names. If I use a template other than the button template the tile is labeled. Is this expected behavior? (The push button does execute the actions.)

Is the hide tile template names checked in the settings options?

Yes, I am hiding the name of the tile template. Unchecking it reveals the name of the template used but not the device label. Other tiles when the tile template setting is unchecked display the device label.
e.g. "Door Status" (template name) > "Back Door" (door label)

Below is a pic of a virtual button I use in a dashboard. Template name and Button label both shown. So yours does not show the name? That is not expected behavior.


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Interesting. When I unticked template names I did get Button 1 to display (as expected) but the label does not appear. I refreshed browser, changed device label name, rebooted and other stuff that I no longer recall. I am running C-7 device with current version of firmware. I also created another virtual button with the same result. Hmm.

I am now thinking that perhaps I have some CSS code that might be impacting label view.
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 1.44.25 PM

Thank You "terminal3"
You prompted me to look elsewhere / think anew. I just created a fresh Dashboard; added the button and voila. The button label is present. I have some CSS in my "problematic dashboard" that I forgot about.