Kwikset Zwave 910 Lock Not refreshing state in HUB causing lock to remain in an open state (safety issue)

I have an issue that I can recreate every time. I have 3 Kwikset Z-Wave devices all synced with a full mesh network (multiple repeaters and 30+ devices) If I unlock any of my locks 99 percent of the time the HUB is not getting the state of Lock and whether it is locked/unlocked. Coming from ST same setup never had an issue. if I force a refresh from HUB device section it does poll and gets the correct state. Either the HUB is not receiving the state or the lock is not sending their state when it is changing, or the HUB is receiving it but fails to update the device status.

Can anyone suggest options? I have a work around but it requires any rule to now request a device refresh before operation of locking the lock but this is only on a reactive basis and that is not ideal.

Maybe show us the Zwave info for the locks?

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sure I can show you what ever you want not sure what info you may need.

I don't see the 0X5E cluster so I assume these are not even Z-Wave+ locks?
I came from ST and they were famous for baking-in polling for these devices so you didn't have too.
I changed all my devices to ZW+ devices due to this known issue in coming to HE; you have to poll your devices that are "old School" manually.
I find that my Kwikset ZW+ locks still don't update quickly so I have a polling piston that refreshes them every 2 minutes.

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both my front door and back door dont have the 0x5e but my hallway door does have it and it still has the issue as well.

so I guess I need to create a piston as you state to refresh these device status I will give that a shot .

here is my hallway

I think it is also due to the FLiRS nature of these locks. Battery powered, non-repeaters that are sleepy. Frequently Listening Sleeping Slave (FLiRS)

though when I manually switching the lock to either open or close it should wake and send an update and it doesnt thats the issue. what do you think now is that another issue or still the same polling issue

All part of the issue. Just poll them. 2 definitely need it and one will be lazy reporting.

ok I have setup a piston to refresh the status and it is working now and see the status correctly updated. now I am trying to figure a rule that will auto lock the locks if they are an unlocked state and the door sensors are closed. but none I have tried are firing - do you by any chance have one you can share?

I think I figured it out

This is what I use for the front door and the night time/Googbye piston.

There's also a custom app available that will "wrap" your lock and handle the refreshes for you. I used it when I moved over from ST before I switched to SW+ locks. It worked great. It's available in Hubitat Package Manager.

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this is great info thank you for sharing i will definitely look into this.