Kwikset upgrade

So I've had a Z-wave Kwickset lock for a few years running without a problem. At least not Z-Wave. The touch screen becomes unresponsive at the worst times. WOOT had a sale on the ZigBee upgrade, so I though this would be a good time to switch out the radio to see if that was somehow causing this behavior. Short story, nope, the same issue with ZigBee as Z-Wave. But I'm seeing this message in my logs and the lock isn't always responding now, as in not locking when it should. It always seems to work from device page. My rules just get ignored occasionally. This did not happen before I swapped the radio.

Any advice appreciated.

Just today I switched a second Kwikset lock from Z-Wave to Zigbee. I don't know how to decode the "debug" Zigbee commands but you are seeing that because in the Device Preferences "Enable debug logging" is on.

With a couple of my rules I'm fighting that the Generic Zigbee Lock driver is causing multiple triggers of my rules. Look in your clip at the two info text logging entries. If you have a rule set to trigger on "lock unlocked" it will trigger two independent instances of the rule 10-15 Milliseconds apart with no way that I've discovered to debounce. If someone has found a workaround I'd like to hear about it.

As far as communication the lock works much better with Zigbee. In fact, the unlock was never an issue with Z-Wave because it never reported manual anything.

Duh, slaps forehead! I should have realized that. Thank you.

I've got the same issue

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