Kwikset not locking

New to Hubitat. Added my 2 kwikset locks and they both say paired securely. One had a repeater and they both appear to be online. ran the zwave repair. I have yet to have them lock or unlock. What am I missing here? my dashboard just gives me a "?"

[dev:2]2022-07-17 06:02:32.370 pm [debug]lock()

[dev:2]2022-07-17 06:02:27.349 pm [debug]unlock()

[dev:2]2022-07-17 06:02:24.567 pm [debug]lock()

[dev:2]2022-07-17 06:02:22.941 pm [debug]lock()

[dev:2]2022-07-17 06:02:17.946 pm [debug]lock()

[dev:2]2022-07-17 05:57:14.674 pm [debug]refresh()

[dev:2](2022-07-17 05:57:04.649 pm [debug] lock()

Can you lock/unlock from the device page? If so something in your dashboard is incorrect. If not then maybe an issue with the way the locks were paired.

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