Kwikset 916 Z-Wave Plus

i got a Kwikset 916, its been working perfectly for years (months on a C5)
and i changed the batteries... and it lost its codes... so via lock code manager
i told it to put in a code... and it went pending... it never completed
i also went to the driver... and tried to set a code... no go
i put a code in it via its own touch panel... the lock is happy with that
if in the driver i do get codes, no codes show...
any ideas?
zwave locks and unlocks the door just fine... just the C5 managing the codes no worky anymore

6092021-03-04 06:32:36.327 pm infocode:1 fetched
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:36.324 pm debugno changes to codeNumber:1, code:, codeMap:[:]
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:36.318 pm debugUserCodeReport- cmd: UserCodeReport(userIdentifier:1, userIdStatus:254, userCode:)
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:36.307 pm warnUserCodeReport- unable to enter code, it is in use on the lock
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:36.280 pm debugparse: zw device: 22, command: 9881, payload: 00 63 03 01 FE , isMulticast: false
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:34.788 pm debugfetchLockCode- 1
dev:6092021-03-04 06:32:34.784 pm infostarting code fetch, trying to fetch code:1

I have that same model lock and when I change batteries (as you have in the past), the internal lock codes remain. Only time I lost internal codes is when I factory reset and moved it from ST to HE and LCM set them back straight away.

I'm guessing that you might have some firmware issues with the 916's Z-Wave module that is preventing some of the communication to get codes into the lock? I'm also assuming that it functions as expected from HE for open/close commands, but not setting the codes via LCM?

Perhaps a factory reset and re-include the lock to your C5

did the factory reset... and the include

if Kwikset offered firmware (any if they do i dont know where to get) i bet there is newer FW
as my lock is 2015ish

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Did your unlock door codes get set on your Kwikset lock after the factory reset, inclusion and configuration of LCM? :crossed_fingers:

I have never seen any new firmware offered on the Kwikset website and quite frankly I'm not sure what they would add to the basic Z-Wave lock functionality...

nope, the lock codes will not work via z-wave anymore
only lock and unlock...
also i its not reporting manual lock/unlock status to hubitat anymore

on a side note, the front panel(outside) is all cracked... i called kwikset... complained...
i believe they sending me whole new lock

as for fw, i was thinking there prob are BUGS that have been fixed, vs new features

also... i do wish hubitat could report a jammed lock...
(like my old 2-gig/ system did)


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ok, got it sorted... i had a ZWAVE PLUS module.... i put it in... and sure it pairs and locks and unlocks... none of the other commands worked...

i put back in the origional ZWAVE module, and paired and now setting/getting codes works!

not sure if the ZWAVE PLUS module is bad... or some other issue


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