Kwikset 916 vs Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro


From looking at the Hubitat List of Compatible Devices, I have been looking for new SmartLock for my home (I have previously been using a number of Schlage BE469 locks with SmartThings) and I have narrowed it down to either the Kwikset 916 or the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro.

The 2 main things I need to be able to do on my lock are:

  • set user codes to the lock remotely
  • unlock / lock the door remotely

Can anyone confirm if either of these models can do this when using the Hubitat hub? Once I can confirm which lock does the above, I will go out an purchase the Hubitat and lock.

The reason I ask these basic questions is that I had previously purchased a SmartLock from Costco a few years ago without doing my research first (I think it was maybe a Kwikset) and I could not do either of the above, so I returned both the Hubitat and lock.

Thanks in advance!

The answer is... a qualified yes.

  • You can lock/unlock using the dashboard and cloud access which is free.
  • You can use the Lock Code Manager to change the user codes but to access remotely you'd need either the remote control service or via VPN using WireGuard or some other.

Note: you could also use the property page of the device and configure codes that way as well but it's not as clean. Also note that the lock code manager is NOT as full featured as RBoys ST app..

I prefer to use Zigbee for my locks - I have a Kwikset 912 and a Yale YRD256 as well. Both are working great - very responsive. I use both a VPN (WireGuard) and the remote service fwiw.

Thank you for the quick reply.... I understand what you are saying about using the Hubitat Lock Code Manager to set user codes remotely on the lock - I would need to VPN to the location first with the lock and Hubitat. Since I run DDWRT on my home router, I could do this, but not sure I want to set this up right now as this is a second home for a short time (I just need to provide codes remotely for maids, contractors, etc as I hire them).

Also, are you saying that with the Kwikset locks (916, 914, 912), the only way to set a user code remotely is by VPN'ing to the Hubitat that is connected to the door lock?

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This is an older thread, and you no longer need the variable connector, but illustrates another way of doing it.


The link @thebearmay posted shows customizing the dashboard to do what you want is probably the way to go.

Note: these solutions apply to any lock connected to HE.

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I want a similar setup as OP. can I remotely login in my Hubitat with a subscription and set/change the lock /codes?

If you have Remote Admin (the subscription you must be talking about), then yes, you'll have access to the admin UI when away, without needing to set up a VPN or anything--so you can access Lock Code Manager or the lock's device detail page directly (I'd recommend LCM for ease of use), or any app/rule that lets you manage lock codes. This means you can do whatever you want without needing to use Dashboard or variables as intermediaries.

Of course, all of this depends on the locks always behaving as expected, something that may be even more important than normal if you're remote. Early Z-Wave locks, especially a couple brands, are notorious for not always working well in this regard, and perhaps even not-so-old ones, too. :slight_smile: But that's another issue...


Did you mean Remote Admin?

Sure did, thanks! :grinning:

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